Sunday, June 21, 2009

Party at the Austin Speedshop

There was a party at the Austin Speedshop this past Friday to benefit an employee who had a medical emergency and no health insurance. Worthy cause and the shop went all out. For those who don't know, Jesse James is a part owner of the shop. I believe while we were at the party Jesse James was busy setting a new world record for a hydrogen powered car. 199 mph - very cool. Anyway, lot of really cool cars hanging around. so I couldn't resist taking a few shots. These are HDR images + extremely long exposures. Tricky stuff especially with all the people around.

Photography tip: red light is not your friend. Sometimes it can't be avoided however, such as in this shot where the car is illuminated almost entirely by the red neon from the building. Enough color from the car is coming through that it looks ok on the screen. However if I were going to print this I'd either try and tone it down or even go black and white with it.

Started to remove the piece of paper from the tire for the shot and then I thought it kind of went with the beat up nature of the car.

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