Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Cars - Rods

I was going through my archives and ran across some photos I took of the 2010 Lonestar Rod and Kustom Roundup. Now, I'm sadly not a car guy, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate the take no prisoners in your face flashy beauty of these amazing (and usually expensive) expressions of kinetic art.

I love to use HDR on this subject. Now I use HDR photography in a lot of situations, but usually I go through painstaking steps to make it look as un-HDR as possible. Usually this is for architecture and real estate projects where they don't want in your face saturation or overly painterly or surreal photographs. They want it to look as realistic as possible. What I love about shooting cars, particularly rods like these, is that I can let it all out and go a little crazy with it.

I've upgraded a lot of my editing software since 2010 of course, and there is a big difference between the results of the old vs the new, so I thought it would be fun to grab a few of the photos and run them through the new processes. I was pretty happy with the results. :)

Originally I processed this in color...

but I think I prefer it in black and white.

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