Thursday, April 1, 2010

Paul and Cammie's Wedding

Paul and Cammie are two friends of mine. Paul used to run a bike shop near my house and since I'm constantly breaking stuff on it we got to know each other pretty quick. :) They actually had me shoot everything from their 'Save the Date' photographs to the bridal and engagement portraits and, of course, the wedding. Paul is into hot rods too and has been killing himself building a Model A street rod up in time for the wedding. One of the coolest weddings I've shot by far - loved the hot rod convoy leaving the church! (btw - note the bullet holes in one of the cars leaving the church. I need to ask about that - these aren't the sort of folks to put fake bullet holes into a car. Wonder if the car belonged to some 1920's gangster - wouldn't that be cool!).

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